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Students We Target


The most important aspect of the SATELLITE program is the quality of the students who participate. As sophomores in high schools from across the state, SATELLITE scholars will have taken enough math and science courses to realize that they have an interest in pursuing careers in these areas, yet they still have two more years to prepare for college. The SATELLITE program helps these students to ensure that they are on the right track.

Throughout North Carolina, SATELLITE scholars are selected from high schools that receive lower levels of funding in comparison to other public schools across the state.

SATELLITE scholars are chosen based on demonstrated academic potential, as well as strong involvement in school and community related activities. The SATELLITE program is intended primarily for students who have exhibited a strong interest in mathematics and science, but is not necessarily limited to students at the top of their class. For this reason, class rank is not included in the following selection criteria:

  1. Ability to maximize the SATELLITE experience 
  2. Recommendations from Teachers and/or Counselors 
  3. List of school/community activities 
  4. List of honors and awards
  5. Essays relating to science and technology


SATELLITE scholars are current high school sophomores selected from under-resourced schools all over the state of North Carolina. Applicants’ grades are not considered. We are more interested in creativity, motivation and interest in science and technology. Please pay particular attention to the application essays.

The counties designated as outreach counties by the SATELLITE program is as follows: