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How to Sponsor Campers

How to Sponsor a Camper

SATELLITE is funded by various grants and donations to keep costs as low as possible to students. While it costs $200.00 per student, the campers are only asked to pay $25.00. In order to continue to keep costs low and therefore keep reaching students from rural communities who otherwise could not afford to pay the full cost of camp, we need your help.

$50 will sponsor a camper for a day
$100 will sponsor a camper for half the time they are at SATELLITE
$200 will sponsor a camper for the entire 5 days of camp
$500 will sponsor campers from one rural high school
$1000 will sponsor campers from one underfunded county in NC

We hope you consider supporting our program. Use the following donation portal and select “SATELLITE” as the designation. There is the ability to set up a recurring donation if you choose to. Checks can also be made to NC State Alumni Association with SATELLITE in the memo line. All donations are tax-deductible. For questions contact Brodie Smith and Grace Sullivan at Checks can be mailed to

NCSU Campus Box 7121
Raleigh, NC 27695-7121

Current Sponsors

SATELLITE would like to thank our current sponsors for their support of our mission. 

NCSU Carrer Development Center

NC State Day of Giving Donors