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Want to Apply to SATELLITE 2021?

SATELLITE 2021 is scheduled for May 12th – May 13th! This summer’s camp will take place entirely online to meet NC State’s COVID best practices. 

If you want to attend SATELLITE, you are in the right place! Below is all the information you need to apply. All materials (Student Application and Recommendation Form) must be submitted by the deadline:

March 7, 2021 at 11:59PM

Student Application

Below is the SATELLITE 2021 application for current high school sophomores. The application consists of four short answer essay questions. Students applying are encouraged to write their essay responses in a separate word document before submitting the application.

(Application is now live)

Recommendation Form

Students applying must also receive two recommendations on their behalf. Students can complete this step by sending the following link to their recommender and having them fill it out.  One recommendation must be from a school teacher, preferably a STEM teacher. Students can choose any non-family member (i.e. coach, counselor, pastor, etc.) for their second recommendation. Students are responsible for sharing this form with their recommenders and ensuring that the recommendations are submitted on time.

(Recommendation form is now live)

Counselor Application Form

Counselors should be current NC State University students. If you are interested in STEM outreach and are available continuously throughout camp and for some pre-training, please consider applying for this volunteer position.

(Counselor Form TBA)


For any questions about applications or recommendations, please feel free to contact SATELLITE’s Co-Directors: Sarah Coull and Robert Seevers at