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Selection Criteria

2023 Selection Day Coordinators, James Kurdi `24 (left) and Logan Taylor `25 (right)

Do you have the aptitude necessary for engaging in the work of servant-leadership? Are you willing to grow in your leadership capacity while supporting the development of other Caldwell Fellows?

In addition to the selection criteria below, candidates are evaluated based on their self-awareness, sense of social responsibility, critical thinking skills, collaborative abilities, curiosity, creativity, and discipline. The most qualified applicants for admission to the Caldwell Fellows Program meet the following criteria:

Applicants to the Caldwell Fellows program must be in their first year of undergraduate studies at NC State. All majors are encouraged to apply.

A 3.25 or higher GPA is required for application to and retention in the program. Applicants with a GPA under 3.25 will not be considered.

We value an open mind; respectful and engaging civic discourse; a strong moral sense; a willingness to stand up for the less advantaged; work for the greater good; a sustainable environmental ethic; humility, curiosity, and a sense of humor.

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to understand and apply concepts of leadership and ethics. They must be willing to examine their own lives critically and the situations in which they are involved. They must demonstrate respect for diversity and commitment to leadership from a global perspective.

Applicants should have an awareness of themselves as members of broader communities, upon which they depend and simultaneously help to shape. They should have a history of meaningful engagement in school or community activities. We expect them to exhibit an active commitment to stewardship and a desire to address social issues through dedicated participation and service.

Applicants should be willing to engage fully in the curriculum of the Caldwell Fellows program. This means developing their potential through the program’s challenges and opportunities and accepting the responsibilities associated with being a member of a dynamic community. We seek applicants who see the mission of the program as a lifelong endeavor.

Successful applicants demonstrate a strong awareness of and commitment to the program’s expectations. They are also able to articulate how they will embody those expectations at NC State and beyond.

Students who are the most successful in the Caldwell Fellows program commit to engaging fully in the life of the program and understand the benefits it bestows. They make an oath to participate thoughtfully and meaningfully in our learning community at each stage of their development. They serve to better the lives of the program, the university, North Carolina, and beyond.

*Please note that students who are already members of the Park Scholars, Goodnight Scholars, or Shelton Scholars are not permitted to apply for the Caldwell Fellows Program.

*Please note that high school academic and extracurricular achievements are not a factor in selection.