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Spring 2024 Caldwell Fellows Urban Adventure to Boston

Adventurous Caldwell Fellows on a walking tour of Boston with alum Dan Claff.

This year’s Urban Adventure trip found Fellows experiencing and exploring the multifaceted history of Boston, Massachusetts and engaging with alumni as they enact service through their vocations.

Boston, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and bustling streets, welcomed a group of adventurous spirits from the Caldwell Fellows program for an unforgettable journey through its urban landscape. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, our trip to Boston was a whirlwind of exploration, learning, and camaraderie.

*Day 1

Our group awaiting the Blue Man Group performance.

Our journey began with excitement and anticipation as we touched down in Boston. After settling into our accommodations in historic Chinatown, we gathered for a treat – a performance by the Blue Man Group. After the event, we dipped into Double Chin Asian Fusion restaurant to dinner and to set some intentions for the visit ahead. Energized and ready to dive into the heart of Boston, we set off for our first adventure the following morning.

*Day 2

On the Freedom Trail with Dan Claff.

Sunday was special as we embarked on the Freedom Trail with our knowledgeable guide, Dan Claff. Despite being new to Boston, Dan provided us with keen insights into the city’s history, taking us on a deep dive into its revolutionary past. Walking in the footsteps of history, we visited iconic sites such as Boston Commons, the Massachusetts State House, Faneuil Hall, and the Old North End, gaining a deeper appreciation for the events that shaped America.

*Day 3

Learning from Dr. Jim Bales about his work at MIT.

We immersed ourselves in Boston’s diverse culture and spent Monday exploring its many facets. We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Jim Bales, a physics professor at MIT, who welcomed us into his lab to learn about the applications of strobe photography and his approach to leadership through service to his students. Later in the day, we met with alum Bobby Barnes at Fidelity Investments, where he shared insights into applying servant-leadership in his role as Head of Quantitative Index Solutions. The evening was spent connecting with alumni from various decades at the UMass Club, exchanging stories and gaining valuable insights into their career paths and personal journeys.

Inside the Fidelity Investments Chart Room with alum Bobby Barnes.
Current Fellows and alumni joined together for dinner at the UMass Club.

*Day 4

Learning about Codman Academy from alum Patrick White.

Continuing our exploration of service and leadership, on Tuesday, we visited Codman Academy, where alum Patrick White serves as principal for grades 9-12, exploring the effects of experiential education on students’ lives. Patrick explained how his time with Teach for America transformed his career trajectory. Later, we toured Elkus Manfredi Architects with John Martin, delving into discussions about the implications of AI in the design fields. It was a day of insightful conversations and meaningful connections that reinforced our commitment to positively impacting the world.

Learning about the design process at Elkus Manfredi with alum John Martin.

*Day 5

As our time in Boston drew to a close, we gathered one last time to reflect on our experiences and the memories we had created together. From the friendships forged to the lessons learned, our journey had left an indelible mark on each of us. With hearts full of gratitude and minds enriched with newfound knowledge, we bid farewell to Boston, knowing that our urban adventure was just the beginning of a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.

In conclusion, our trip to Boston with the Caldwell Fellows was more than just a sightseeing tour – it was a transformative experience that broadened our horizons, deepened our connections, and inspired us to continue seeking out new adventures wherever life may take us. Boston, with its storied past and vibrant present, will always hold a special place in our hearts as a city of endless possibilities and boundless inspiration.