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Spring 2023 Caldwell Fellows Urban Adventure to Seattle

Adventurous Caldwell Fellows took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.

This year’s Urban Adventure trip found Fellows experiencing and exploring the multifaceted culture and issues of Seattle, Washington.

For the 2023 Spring Break, eight current Fellows joined Chester and Tabitha for a week of exploration in the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle. One highlight of the visit included a City-as-Text exploration of the contemporary issues facing Seattle in regard to gentrification, access to housing, drug addiction, and public transit. Students then had the chance to meet with Kara Main-Hester `02, the current Chief Recovery and Resilience Officer for Snohomish County Washington, and a former Fiscal and Policy Analyst for the City of Seattle. Kara was able to provide keen insight into the many ways that public policy shapes the issues any city faces and how the public deals with those issues.

Students were also able to visit many of the important historic and cultural sites of the city including a dumpling tour of the international district, a performance at the Seattle Repertory Theater, visits to museums, the Pike Place Market, a tour of the Amazon Spheres (thanks Ryan!), and much more. The final highlight of the week was a dinner with several area alumni including Kara Main-Hester, Ryan Hester, Katy Davis, Kairsten Fay, Mason Stevens, and Omar Awartani. Who knows where we will go next?! Stay tuned.