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Spotlight: Lainey Volz, Class of 2026, Fashion Forward

This semester Lainey Volz, class of 2026, worked hard on her fashion collection this semester - read more to find out about her journey!

Lainey representing the Wilson College of Textiles at the Spring 2024 New York Fashion Week at the Badgley Mischka runway show.

Lainey’s journey towards becoming a Fashion Designer began in second grade, fueled by her passion for sewing and supported by her parents. Spending countless afternoons and weekends honing her craft, her interest in fashion only deepened as she discovered the art of tailoring and garment alteration in middle school.

Choosing the Wilson College of Textiles for her college education was a natural fit, given its extensive resources and comprehensive fashion program. Here, she learned garment construction and the intricate process of fabric creation, setting her on a path toward innovation.

Representing the Wilson College of Textiles at the prestigious Spring 2024 New York Fashion Week was a dream come true for Lainey. Wearing one of her own designs on such a grand stage not only validated her career aspirations but also provided invaluable learning experiences from seasoned professionals in the industry.

Lainey presenting her independent research on Computer Aided Design (Spring 2023) with CLO 3D digital software. This software helps minimize textile waste and helps adjust patterns to all shapes and sizes.

In her pursuit of a more inclusive and sustainable future for fashion, Lainey undertook independent research in Computer Aided Design. Her groundbreaking work allowed her to seamlessly translate digital designs into physical garments using CLO 3D software, eliminating the need for fabric prototypes and drastically reducing waste.

In the summer of 2023, she had the opportunity to representing the Fashion Design major from Wilson College of Textiles at ITMA in Milan, Italy. During her time there she delved into research that culminated in a paper on the transformative potential of garment manufacturing innovations on mainstream mass production. This experience crystallized her aspiration to design not only aesthetically pleasing attire but also innovative garments that empower individuals and contribute to environmental healing. Additionally, She seized the opportunity to collaborate with my college on a YouTube video, adding a delightful dimension to my journey.

Lainey with Mr. Wuf at the Textile Bowl with her design.

Lainey had the opportunity to design Mr. Wuf’s vest for the Textile Bowl, showcasing her skills in sewing, patternmaking, and design. This project not only enriched her education but also provided practical experience in client interaction, budgeting, and project management, furthering her aspirations as an entrepreneur.

This spring, Lainey was a part of the Wilson College of Textiles Fashion Expose that has been running for over two decades. This Expose gives design students a chance to explore their craft and a spotlight for their talent and tenacity. Her collection was titled “Once Upon A Dream” and was influenced by fairytales and princesses with a modern flare for women today. She took home first place with her collection! 

Lainey at ITMA in Milan, Italy (Summer 2023). She was representing the fashion design major from the Wilson College of Textiles.

Through these experiences, Lainey left an indelible mark on both the fashion industry and her university, cementing her place as a visionary and trailblazer in the field of fashion design.

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ITMA Italy Student Vlog:

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