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March Dinner Seminar 2024 Recap

We welcomed the Class of 2027 into our program and announced trips for the summer!

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, the new Caldwell Fellows cohort, class of 2027, was introduced to one of the fundamental aspects of our program: the monthly dinner seminars. These dinners, held on Sunday nights at Talley Student Union, provide current fellows with the chance to gather, catch up, and foster a sense of community amidst their busy lives.

This seminar aimed to integrate the new class into the program while acquainting them with the current cohorts. After settling in and reconnecting with old friends, fellows engaged in table discussions. Lauren Mond and Zayne Perkins, from the class of 2024, formally welcomed the new class, presenting 24 success tips written by their cohort. This was followed by reminiscences, humorous anecdotes, and practical advice shared by various speakers, both within and outside our program. Sydney Jett, from the class of 2025, facilitated table talks, encouraging inter-cohort discussions on values and overcoming challenges. Abdullah Zaben and Eleanor Lawton, also from the class of 2024, expressed gratitude, maintaining our tradition of commencing each seminar with grace and appreciation. Dinner was then served!

In lieu of in-person presentations, videos were compiled from distinguished alumni across the country to congratulate the incoming class and offer insights to the current and graduating cohorts.

Caldwell Fellows mingling before the dinner seminar.

The first video featured Ann Margaret Dietrich Hughes (Class of 2013), now the Feed Conversion Manager at Cobb-Vantress Incorporated in Monticello, KY. Hughes, accompanied by her young daughter, welcomed the new class and emphasized the importance of self-development and living in the moment, drawing from her experiences in the program.

The second feature showcased Sindhu Ravishankar (Class of 2012), currently serving as Vice President of Programs & Research at the Fast Track Cities Institute in Washington, D.C. Ravishankar reflected on the impact of Caldwell Fellows, particularly emphasizing servant-leadership and the value of diverse experiences.

Brad Anglemyer (Class of 1999), an Emergency Medical Physician, shared his insights through a video presentation taped by his children due to his illness. He highlighted his experiences in the program, including international studies and leadership development.

The final video speech was from KeJuan Weaver (Class of 2014), a Professional Communications Teacher and Athletics Director in Texas, who emphasized the importance of dreaming big and shared lessons learned from his fellowship experience.

After further table discussions, the evening concluded with program announcements, including upcoming events such as the annual Wilderness trip (this year is will be at Boundary Waters, MN) and the Caldwell Showcase in the Thompson Theater where fellows can showcase their passions and unique talents.

We are thrilled to welcome the new class and eagerly anticipate the memories we will create together!

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