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members of the class of 2026

Caldwell Fellows Program

We develop the next generation of self-aware, globally-minded humans who engage in creative, conscientious leadership.

A legacy of creative leadership.

Building on the legacy of NC State Chancellor John T. Caldwell, the Caldwell Fellows program invests in students selected during their first year at NC State who share a passion for learning, growing, and serving others. The Caldwell Fellows program challenges scholars to “Think BIG” and facilitates the goal of maximizing the college experience by providing intensive programming and leadership training and fostering collaborative interaction with alumni, faculty, and community partners.

“You just don’t know how magnificent you might be. Think big! Think big about your possibilities in this world.”

John T. Caldwell

Former NC State Chancellor, 1959-1975

Fellows in DC

Our guiding values

Servant leadership

Principled reflection

Personal development

Rigorous integrity

Academic excellence

We strive toward these values by engaging in a continuous process of hands-on learning involving active engagement, personal reflection, meaningful feedback, and active listening.

The 2023 application is now closed.

Our goal for total unique donors to the Caldwell Fellows Fund is finally in sight: 250! With every donation made, we come one step closer to ultimate success. When we reach the goal of 250 donors, a generous $5,000 donation will be added to our total. ⁣This gift is tied to a family legacy, read more below. 

“A Caldwell alum has pledged $5,000 in honor of their father who held a blue-collar job and saved money by dumping his change into a jar at the end of the day to invest in the stock market. He was so proud when his son, a Caldwell Fellow, went to Oxford - a place he never dreamed anyone in his family would go. He was also excited that his son went to Colorado and hiked a 14000 mountain. These were experiences that challenged his son to try things out of his box which ultimately led to life lessons he carried to this day.  It's important to remember - small amounts of giving add up. The son and his wife give because they want to pay it forward to someone else to have the same life experiences and gain similar life lessons.” - Anonymous Caldwell Fellows alum.
Current Caldwell Fellows Kourosh Salamati (`23 left) & Kole Pjetraj (`26 right) are sending a big thank you to all the parents of Caldwell Fellows who have made a donation as part of the Day of Giving! You all knocked it out of the park. Because over 40 of you made a contribution, an alum from the Class of `75 has added a generous gift of $7,500 to our total! Keep thinking big you all! #givingpack
It’s our 55th anniversary and we’re celebrating in style this Day of Giving! 🎉🎉

A Caldwell Fellows alum from the Class of 1974 has gifted us $10,000 for reaching 55 first-time donors to the Caldwell Fellows fund! That’s right, every donation counts — you all are on a roll. Thanks for #GivingPack!
Ryan O'Quinn '04, and Cameron Wells O'Quinn (Caldwell Fellows Class of '05), have continued making generous commitments to the Caldwell Fellows program through Day of Giving. We are so grateful for their support!

"NC State is a family tradition for me: past, present, and future. Thanks to the Caldwell Fellows program for helping me find my Pack!" -Cameron Wells O'Quinn
Want to make a difference? Here’s your chance to amplify your impact and support the Caldwell Fellows on Day of Giving 2023!

When the Caldwell Fellows Fund reaches 200 donors today, Caldwell alum Tony Caravano will donate an additional $5,000. Let’s pull together and make this happen!⁣⁣ We are almost there, we only need 39 more donors to reach this goal!

"I will forever be fond of the gifts provided by the Caldwell Fellows Program. It changed my view on the world, community, sharing, and leadership. I lean on these learnings daily and love that so many before and after our class share in this together. #GoState" - Tony C.

We’re making serious progress! As the Day of Giving unfolds, 150 donors have contributed to the Caldwell Fellows Fund. Bill (`87) and Melinda Nussey will be providing a generous $5,000 donation for reaching the 150 donor milesone! 🙌⁣⁣

"We believe that good leadership is important in all facets of life.  The Caldwell program gives students the opportunity to experience and develop best leadership practices.  Great leaders will shape our future ... so giving back to Caldwell is an easy decision." - Billy & Melinda Nussey

Thanks for all your contributions! Your support makes all the difference - join us in #Givingpack! 💪✨
Great news! We’ve reached our challenge goal of 100 unique donors. Tim Holbrook `93 has generously given the challenge gift for this milestone!

“I owe the Caldwell Fellows almost everything in terms of my personal and professional development. It surrounded this small-town Ohio boy with brilliant, diverse, and talented people who challenged me.  They did so not to break me down but instead to build me up with compassion, understanding, and plenty of gut-busting laughter.  My class of Caldwell Fellows has been "my people" ever since. I hope that current Caldwell Fellows can have the same transformative experience that I had.”

Thank you Tim for your generous gift and for motivating others to join in #givingpack.
We just reached 50 unique donors - our first challenge goal of the day! And it's not even time for a coffee break yet! You all are incredible. Thanks for all your support! Let's keep the momentum going. Big thank you to our anonymous challenge gift donor!