Selection Criteria

Mission: The Caldwell Fellows Program is not just a scholarship; nor is it just a leadership development program. The Caldwell Fellows Program is a comprehensive, long term investment in our Scholars’ futures.

More than just a monetary award, the Caldwell Fellows Program is a community of diverse, ethical and passionate people who accept the challenge to develop themselves for lives of creative leadership for social change.

  • Eligibility
    Must be a current, first-year undergraduate at NC State University.
  • Academic Excellence, Intellectual Curiosity and Creativity
    A consistently strong academic record at NC State (3.25 or better GPA) is required for application and retention in the program. Rigor of coursework is considered. High school transcripts are not a factor in selection . . . originality of thought, creativity and spark are.
  • Excellence of Character
    Our community values an open mind, respect for difference, a strong moral sense and willingness to stand up for the less advantaged and the greater good, a sustainable environmental ethic, humility and a sense of humor.
  • Leadership Experience and Potential
    Applicants should have exceptional character and a history of participation/involvement in school or community activities and a goal of personal growth, particularly in the area of leadership development. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to understand and apply concepts of leadership and ethics, to be willing to examine their own lives critically and the situations in which they are involved. Demonstrate respect for diversity and commitment to leadership from a global perspective.
  • Orientation toward Community and Service
    Applicants should have an awareness of themselves as members of broader communities, upon which they depend and simultaneously help to shape. Applicants should exhibit an active commitment to stewardship and a desire to address community issues through participation and service.
  • Commitment to Physical Challenge and Personal Growth
    Applicants must have a desire to participate actively in developing themselves as leaders by seeking out new experiences, gaining new skills, and making a commitment to ongoing self-discovery and personal development. Through the Wilderness Program, students are encouraged to undertake physical and personal challenges outside their comfort zone.
  • Commitment to the Program
    Applicants must demonstrate a strong awareness and commitment to the program’s expectations and be able to articulate how they will:
    a. Benefit from participation in this leadership development program
    b. Contribute to The Caldwell Fellows learning community
    c. Enhance the university and broader community.

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