Picture of Kelsey Shevlin

Welcome to our alumni link on the Caldwell website where alumni spotlights are featured. My name is Kelsey Shevlin and I am the student liaison between Alumni and current Caldwell Fellows! I am a Caldwell Fellow studying Statistics and very excited to be one of the bridges between current Fellows and alumni. This year I am working to build an accessible alumni database for current and former Caldwell Fellows, as well as increasing interaction between our students and alumni. We want to keep our Caldwell alumni information up to date - please let us know where you are and what are you doing!

We highly recommend joining the NC State Alumni Association, but even if you haven't signed up yet, you can easily update us right now on your contact and employment information. Here's the link.

Read about thirteen of our Caldwell Fellows alumni below!

Jemonde Taylor
Class of 2000, Mechanical Engineering
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford
M.Div. General Theological Seminary, NYC
Rector at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
Raleigh, NC

Picture of Jemonde Taylor "What stands out from my Caldwell years is the experiential leadership of the Wilderness Trip. I had never experienced leadership in that manner. Before leadership was something done in a room with people. Whenever I have leadership challenges now, I often think back to my experience in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, particularly leading from behind and leading from amongst the group. It is in that position that you can affect change."

Reeba Monachan
Class of 2006, Political Science
Masters in Higher Education, University of Georgia
Senior Relationship Manager: Gates Millennium Scholarship
Washington, DC

Picture of Reeba Monachan "I was going to go to law school through my entire time at NC State, and application season for law school was the same time as Selection Day for the Caldwell Fellows, and as senior in the program I was given the opportunity to interview candidates. I was reading applications of students applying for the program and I realized this is what I want to do. I want to help develop leaders for social change, and make an impact in the world, and work with people. It was because of that impactful moment, reflecting on all of the experiences I had participated in through Caldwell, that led me to my career today."

Med Byrd
Class of 1984, Paper Science and Chemical Engineering
Director of Undergraduate Program for Paper Science and Engineering at NCSU
Raleigh, NC

Picture of Med Byrd "Back then (when I was a Fellow) there was not one dollar associated with the program: no stipend, no tuition. Even if you took all of the money away from the program today it would not make one bit of difference because it is that collection of people that makes it very special. Even though today we have stipends and scholarships, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s the people that are the heart of the program; it always has been and it always will be. There’s nothing like it anywhere else on this campus or anywhere else in this country."

Kira Fallon
Class of 2014, Architecture
VARENHORST Architectural Firm
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Caldwell puts a lot of value on people and relationships. Not intentionally, people I’ve been in the program with have become some of my closest friends, and raised the bar for relationships I have had. While you may be able to experience the opportunities the program has to offer without being a part of the program, the guided reflection and the Caldwell setting are something that you can’t recreate by itself. It’s not a typical college experience."

Natalie Carmen
Class of 2010, Landscape Architecture
M.S. Biological and Agricultural Engineering, NCSU
Civil Engineer, Stewart Engineering
Raleigh, NC

"There’s no arguing that the Caldwell Program creates a desire to travel, but it also attracts the kind of individuals who travel for a purpose other than leisure. When Caldwells travel, it’s with the intention of observation and a willingness to submit to the local culture. This is really reflective of the entire Caldwell community, an open mind to apply global lessons or perspectives to your life."

Andrew Carmen
Class of 2011, Industrial Engineering
Demand Planning at Lenovo
Raleigh, NC

"There’s a lot of things you can do at NC State, but Caldwell Fellows puts you in relationship with people that you not otherwise get to know. It crosses a lot of the traditional academic and extracurricular school boundaries. You are with people who are willing to explore the world and themselves, and are willing to question and learn and change their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. Besides that, there may not be that much else in common, but that willingness to explore without losing their identity is enough to create this thriving and vibrant community. It’s a safe place to explore and question without feeling like your identity is threatened."

Ben Wooten
Class of 2006, Political Science
Masters in Public Administration, UNC at Pembroke
Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Cone Health
Mebane, NC

Picture of Ben Wooten "The Caldwell Fellows program gave me an outlet to continue my passion for service. The program also taught me to accept diversity in its purest form. It laid the foundation for me to continue my passion for helping others after college, while also giving me a unique perspective that I otherwise may have missed out on. Helping people when they need it the most: that to me is what the Caldwell spirit embodies."

Ahmed Farawi
Class of 2014, Biomedical Engineering
Student at UNC Medical School
Raleigh, NC

Picture of Ahmed Farawi "The Caldwell Fellows program believed in me when I didn’t necessarily believe in myself. Growing up in Raleigh and being active in my faith community, I tended to hang out with the same group of friends, but when I became a Caldwell Fellow I was exposed to an incredibly diverse community that allowed me to get involved with experiences that other Fellows were involved with or leading. Caldwell Fellows gave me the opportunity to learn, serve and travel with a diverse community of friends I would not have met any other way."

Susan Brooks
Class of 1990, English
J.D. Harvard Law School
Office of Indigent Defense Services
Raleigh, NC

"When I was at NC State, I ran for Student Body President and lost. I was talking with Dean Hawkins about it, and he told me I would’ve been a great Student Body President. It seems minor, but having someone you respect believe in you is something that I still look back on in difficult times. The Caldwell Fellows program didn’t make me who I am, but it allowed me to find out who I could be."

Julie Boyles
Class of 2014, Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineer at Eastman Chemical
Kingsport, TN

"I was initially attracted by the opportunity to travel and for the scholarship, but after I attended several information sessions I was exposed to the community that existed within the program, and it’s hard to not want it. I really valued the experience we had together and how all those who have graduated from the program went through the same experiences. I value the emotional intelligence that I’ve learned through Caldwell; reflecting on my experiences and what makes me tick has been an incredibly useful tool. I learned a lot in Chemical Engineering, but most of the things that I value and help me more in my career I learned through the Caldwell Fellows."

Alison Smith
Class of 2007,Chemical Engineering
ARCHROMA Chemical Engineering
Charlotte, NC

Picture of Alison Smith "When I came into this community I was shocked by how amazing the people are. If it weren’t for this community, I would nothave pushed myself to do something as crazy as go on the Wilderness trip. If you had asked high school me about travel I would have maybe thought about Europe. Never was I able to imagine that I would be hiking the Inca Trail or visiting my new friend’s house in Laos. More than anything else, it’s the community that makes the Caldwell experience. It’s what all of us stand for and what we believe in that defines that community."

Robert Horner
Class of 2006 Industrial Engineering & Science Technology and Society
Energy Analyst / ORISE Fellow at U.S. Department of Energy
Washington, DC
Caldwell Wilderness Expedition Leadership Team

"The Wilderness Trip was a transformative experience for me. I had hiked before, but climbing a mountain and slipping in the snow was all new to me, and what was transformative was that I was really bad at it: I was almost useless. I realized that I really wanted to do that, and I think it was the challenge of that. I can’t think of another program I’ve been a part of that was so challenging and so encouraging at the same time. Since that trip I’ve sought out other challenges, and it’s changed my outlook on life. Without that trip, I wouldn’t have found something that has been pivotal in my life since, and I continually challenge myself because of it."

Jerry Pierce
Class of 1975, Civil Engineering
Director of Public Utilities: Brunswick County
Leland, NC

Picture of Jerry Pierce "When I was in the interview process for the Fellows, an interviewer from Bell Labs gave me his card and said “when you graduate, I want you to call me.” That had a great impact on me, someone believing in me gave me confidence that helped me get through tough times at NC State and after I graduated."