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Tenth Annual Caldwell Gala

Update: the 10th annual Caldwell Fellows Gala on Saturday evening, February 20, at CAM Raleigh was amazing. With well over 250 guests it was the biggest and best ever. 


Ten years ago a feisty and determined team of Caldwell Fellows imagined a Benefit Gala to celebrate the Caldwell Community and to draw our common attention to a cause outside ourselves. And then they did it. The Caldwell Gala has since become a beloved tradition, sometimes formal, sometimes less-so, but always a ‘Fellowbration.’ In the spirit of that original event, we return this year to a ‘dress-up’ (black-tie preferred) occasion. 

In addition to the important work of reconnecting with the mission and rich relationships of our Caldwell community, this year’s evening will benefit Habitat for Humanity. All contributions above the ticket cost will go directly to the Caldwell 2016 Shackathon fund which will support the NC State commitment to build a block of 11 homes in southeast Raleigh. The Caldwell Fellows Alumni Community anticipate working closely with our current Fellows in hands-on work to raise the funds . . . and the frames, of these homes. Receipts for the donation portion of the ticket will be provided by Habitat soon after the Gala.

What to Expect:

6:30 – 7:30 pm

The evening will launch with a champagne reception especially for alumni and friends of the program with event hosts, Chancellor and Susan Woodson, Jim and Barbara Goodmon and Vansana Nolintha.

7:30 – 9:00pm

Current Fellows will arrive at 7:30 pm (a ‘Gala Bus’ will bring them from campus) and a buffet of heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served, prepared by Bida Manda, owned by our own Caldwell alumn, Vansana Nolintha. We will enjoy music and creative opportunities for interacting with memories and impact stories of the program. There will be areas designated by decades of the program to help connecting with classmates and friends and make life easier for those of us who prefer a smaller group within a big event. (We honor all MBTI types here!)  Wine and beer will be available at cash bar.

8:15 – 8:30pm

A short program will highlight our goals for support of Habitat and share some exciting news about our program.

8:30 – 10:30pm

Enjoy time with Fellows and as the evening unfolds, a menu of music will offer inspiration to those inclined to dance, a progression from mellow to lively.

It is rumored that some Caldwell talent will emerge as the evening progresses. There are always creative surprises in store.

Photo by Jillian Clark Photography

The CF arrivalThe current Caldwell Fellows as they arrived on the Gala bus.

Photo by John Joyner

CaldwellGala2016-71Let’s dance.

Class of 2019 to be announced Thursday

Update: Congratulations to the finalists who were interviewed during Selection Day on February 20. We had many wonderful applicants and we applaud each one for their involvement in the NC State community and their interest in the Caldwell program ideals. The following sixty students (listed with their College designations) exhibited through their essays and videos that they have a passion for servant leadership, academic excellence, and “thinking big.” We enjoyed meeting them on Selection Day. The 25 new members of the class of 2019 will be announced on Thursday, February 25.

Chelsea Abad Engineering
Emmanuel Amu Engineering
Peyton Anderson Humanities and Social Sciences/Management
Hussain Arif Engineering
Rebekah Barker Humanities and Social Sciences
David Batson Engineering
Leah Block First Year College
Charles Blum Engineering
Kasey Boger Agriculture & Life Sciences
James Cahoon Engineering
Emily Carberry Engineering
Carl Colglazier Humanities and Social Sciences/Engineering
Abrielle Cozart Humanities and Social Sciences
Zachary Crawford Engineering
Sarah Dawod Sciences
Susan Donaldson Engineering
Seth Ellington Education/Management
Andrew Escobar Engineering
Ethan-Cole Evans Engineering/CHASS
RaeDiance Fuller Engineering
Sarah Gundy First Year College
Ulises Gutierrez Engineering
Madison Hendrick Humanities and Social Sciences
Rhett Hissam Design
Noah Johnson Engineering
Isabelle Keim Sciences/CHASS
Nikki Knapp Design
Jacob Krzyzewski Engineering
Nathaniel Laughner Agriculture & Life Sciences
Thu Le Engineering
Lindsay Leonard Engineering/Natural Resources
Kristen Lovell Engineering
Amith Mandavilli Agriculture & Life Sciences
Fara Marin Sciences
James Maxwell Natural Resources
Tony Menachery Management
Nikole Miller Education
Tiffany Moore Engineering/CHASS
Chelsea Nagy Engineering/CHASS
Michael Parisher Agriculture & Life Sciences
Robert Prince Engineering
William Reese Sciences
Caitlin Rogers Engineering
Samantha Saunders Textiles
Bradley Schmidt Engineering
Jacob Sebastian Humanities and Social Sciences/Engineering
Patrick Seebold Natural Resources
Jeen Shaji Management
Jaclyn Shor First Year College
Sidney Smith Agriculture & Life Sciences
Amanda Speer Textiles
Katherine Stubbs Natural Resources
Meghana Subramaniam Engineering/Management
Leanh Ta Engineering
Michael Tran Engineering
Danielle Wheeler Engineering
John Taylor Willis Humanities and Social Sciences/Management
Mary Clarke Worthington Humanities and Social Sciences/Sciences
Mengyu Yuan Management
Olivia Zalecki Humanities and Social Sciences/Management

Shack sign 2015

Longstanding support and Leadership

We are pleased to share the following article featuring NC State University Board of Trustees Chair, Jim Owens. We are grateful for his generosity and belief in the Caldwell Fellows.

“Owens has been generous to many NC State programs over several decades through outright and planned giving. His recent investments include endowing a Caldwell Fellows scholarship in honor, Jim said, of John Caldwell, NC State’s chancellor during his time as a student, and in recognition of the Caldwell program’s inspiring community service and international outlook.”

For the complete article:


In Memoriam: Dr. Burton Beers, Sr.

Our long time friend and supporter of the Caldwell Fellows program, Dr. Burton F. Beers, Sr., passed away on January 30. He was a passionate educator and led a full and fascinating life. Many of our Caldwell alumni as well as a current Caldwell Fellow have been funded by his endowment. He maintained correspondence with them over the years. You may read more about Dr. Beers here. He will be missed.