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Learn to Serve * Serve to Lead * Lead to Serve

The fall semester is an intense time for the sophomore class of Caldwell Fellows. All 26 sophomores are enrolled in the 3-credit Caldwell seminar on leadership. They delve deeply into the theory and practice of “servant leadership” and serve several hours per week on a service-learning team in the Raleigh community. These teams are the ‘lab’ experience where students practice and learn the hard work of making an impact: “leadership for social change.” Pictured above are the four members of the sophomore class, and their Teaching Assistant/Team leader, working on the 2015 Habitat for Humanity service learning team. Visiting a Habitat housing site in Raleigh are, from left, Laura Hebard, Dan Oliver (TA from Caldwell senior class), Jess Hansen, Kyle Rogers, and Sam Fedeler.

Shack sign 2015

Successful Shack-a-thon 2015

Update: Shack-a-thon 2015 has ended and the Caldwell team raised over $5000 for Habitat!

Shack-a-thon is underway and the Caldwell Fellows are determined to raise a lofty goal of $10,000 for affordable housing. Please join us! Here is the link to donate today!

Since 1998 NC State students have contributed to housing Wake County community members through Habitat for Humanity with a unique effort called Shack-a-thon. Caldwell Fellows have been involved since the beginning and have placed 2nd or 3rd in this friendly competition each year.  This Fall 23 student groups will construct a temporary “shack” home on the NC State brickyard to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in Wake County. Build day 2015 is Sunday, September 20. During the following week Fellows will man their shack 24 hours a day and continue to fundraise. The shacks will be “whacked” on Saturday morning, September 26th and all donations must be in by the following week to count for the contest.


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