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A Comprehensive Program

A Comprehensive Program, A Lifelong Endeavor

The Caldwell Fellows

The Freshman Experience – Immediately after selection in late February, the new class convenes for the Freshman Retreat, the launching point into the Caldwell experience with in-depth reflection on the life experiences and assets one brings to leadership and service. Alumni retreat leaders, introduce the traditions and values of The Caldwell Fellows program. In the summer after selection, students may use their first experiential learning stipend. A global learning experience or the Caldwell wilderness expedition are ideal first summer experiences.

“Learn to Serve” – The Sophomore Experience – In fall of the sophomore year, the Caldwell Fellows seminar grounds students in their foundational work in leadership development. The 3 hour, Honors credit course focuses on developing the self-aware leader and introducing Robert Greenleaf’s philosophy of servant leadership. Guided by one-on-one work with a personal executive coach, students write their Philosophy of Leadership and create their Personal Development Plan. For the service-learning portion of the seminar, Caldwell Fellows select a focal point for their leadership and service with one of the program’s community service partners. Students are mentored in their service-learning by upper-class Fellows. A global experience and / or undergraduate research are ideal experiences for the summer after the sophomore year.

“Serve to Lead” – The Junior Experience – Junior and Senior Caldwell Fellows are expected to assume leadership within the program, the campus and community. Upper-class students serve as team leaders for the program’s service learning partnerships and other significant responsibilities within the program. Professional development is stressed in the junior year, Students are guided toward undergraduate research and internships and many are mentored by program alumni. As a junior or senior, Fellows attend three-day capstone leadership training at the Greensboro campus of the internationally acclaimed Center for Creative leadership. A summer experience focused on professional development is encouraged after the junior year.

“Lead to Serve” – The Senior Experience –  Servant-leadership is a concept that infuses “service” into all aspects of life. ‘Service-living’ in the realms of vocation, civic engagement, and a life of balance come together in the senior experience. The Caldwell Fellows provide support and guidance as seniors apply for jobs or graduate school. The Caldwell Fellows have brought considerable distinction to NC State through the many graduate fellowship awards they have earned.

The Alumni experience – As Seniors graduate they are challenged to continue the tradition of Caldwell Fellows’ stewardship as active alumni. The Caldwell Fellows Alumni Council and liaisons for each class work to keep a vibrant alumni network. Alumni are vital to the selection process for new Caldwell Fellows and provide significant mentoring and leadership for the program. Challenges to continue the lifelong endeavor of learning and serving are kept lively through frequent alumni newsletters, an alumni website, the annual Reunion Gala in February, and regional alumni events.  Membership in the NCSU Alumni Association, which provides the administrative and financial home to the program, is a core value for Caldwell alumni.

The Caldwell Fellows program of experiences build upon one another, progressively deepening students’ development and designed to a create a lifestyle of learning and serving.