October 5 is the last day to donate toward Caldwell Fellows Team Shack!

The shacks are down but it’s not too late to donate. The Caldwell Fellows Team has been toggling between 1st and 2nd place this week. Our position is not secure. Donations can be made until October 5 so please help keep us on top! If you haven’t made your donation yet – do it now! Thank you!!

Donate today!

Build day on Sunday was fun and attended by current Fellows, alumni of the program and Caldwell families! Here’s a video just for fun. Since the inception of Shack-a-Thon, Caldwells have consistently placed in the top three for organizations raising the most funds for Habitat for Humanity. The competition has become more fierce as Colleges have gotten involved with their own shacks.

Please make an online donation to Habitat that will be credited to the Caldwell shack. Here is the donation link! Thank you!

Shack in mannedRyan at Shack