Developing Leadership for Social Change

Caldwell Fellows are a driven group. But what compels them to action might surprise you. A program rooted in the premise that investment in the lives of promising young adults makes a difference, the students who comprise the Caldwell Fellows are a community of leaders driven by service, not self-interest.

Created to honor the legacy of Chancellor Emeritus John T. Caldwell, the program carries on the spirit and ideals that made him such a memorable part of the University. The Caldwell Fellows community embrace the responsibilities brought by the privilege of higher education; a responsibility for service to NC State, to North Carolina and the world.

Through a rigorous selection process, new Fellows are selected each spring from the class of first year students who entered NC State the previous fall. Selection is based upon academic excellence, critical thinking and creativity; extraordinary promise for leadership; exceptional character; and the desire and commitment to engage in the Fellows rigorous program of leadership development. To enable their development, Fellows are awarded funds for experiential learning and a tuition stipend. Funds are annually renewable for three years based on a student’s maintenance of the entrance criteria and demonstration of engagement in the program ideals.

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