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Servant Leaders

‘Service’ – too often relegated to something done in one’s spare time – Caldwell Fellows seek to take deeply into the concept of service living. It is not to say that they drop everything and run for public office or work fulltime in social relief services. Rather, it is to seek to strengthen that part of themselves that is attached to something larger, whether family, community, nation or world; to see that their lives are inextricably bound up with the welfare of others. They perceive that serving precedes leading and thus strive to apply Robert Greenleaf’s principles of ‘servant leadership’ to leadership practices and vocations, including engineering, medicine, design, law, etc. Recognizing that all are not positioned equally to give of themselves, they take seriously the intellect, privilege and means that Caldwell Fellows possess and believe that “to whom much has been given is much required.”

In this spirit, Caldwell Fellows commit themselves to deep engagement in service. Through the experiential learning design of the sophomore leadership seminar, Caldwell Fellows both practice the application of leadership theory and provide meaningful service in one of the program’s on-going community partnerships. Continued engagement with one of the partners is encouraged for the full period of one’s status as a Caldwell Fellow; upperclass(wo)men Fellows provide the leadership and mentoring to younger Caldwells at each of the project venues. Our partners include:

Kids Cafe

Social Issues: Education/at-risk Youth

Agency/Project Partner: Kids Cafe/Avent West Community

Location: Avent Ferry United Methodist Church

Time: Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm

Kids Cafe is an after-school program that offers tutoring, mentoring, and nutritious meals to children in our community. Initiated by America’s Second Harvest, the Food Bank network, Kids Cafe provides a safe and positive environment for children ages 15 and under to gather after school.  In the Triangle area, there are  two Kids Cafe sites, which operate in partnership with the Avent West community;  both are in the NC State neighborhood.  The Avent Ferry site serves middle school children.  Most of the students at this site are ESL (English as a Second Language) students from Hispanic families. In addition to tutoring, Caldwell Fellows plan enrichment activities for the students they serve. Team Mentor/TA: Davis Mooney

Social Issue: Nutrition Education/Food Insecurity

Project Partners: The Interfaith Food Shuttle / NCSU Nutrition Department

Location: The Raleigh Boy’s Club, 605 North Raleigh Boulevard

This group invests itself in getting to know the network of services provided through the Interfaith Food Shuttle and are  trained to lead cooking / nutrition classes for middle school youth for an afterschool program at the Raleigh Boy’s Club. The team is led by Caldwell Fellows who are nutrition majors and follows a national curriculum called “Cooking Matters.”  Components of each class include a gardening lesson, nutrition lesson, games, cooking and eating as a “family” at the end. Team Mentors/TAs: Hillary Spangler  Assisted by: Luisa Jaramillo.

Social Issue: Health care/poverty

Agency/Project Partner: The Open Door Clinic of the Urban Ministries Center

Location: 1390 Capital Boulevard

Time: The clinic is open Monday – Thursday and volunteer shifts are 9AM-12PM, 1-4PM and 5-8PM.

Urban Ministries is an interfaith organization that strives to alleviate the effects of poverty in Wake County by meeting people’s basic needs for food, shelter and healthcare, providing services that promote self-sufficiency, building awareness of the issues of poverty within the larger community.  One component of Urban Ministries is the Open Door Clinic, which aligns medical professional volunteers in the community with the needs of the poor and underserved.  Students in this group may serve as Greeters, or Eligibility Interviewers, to welcome and sign in patients, locate and pull charts, complete necessary forms, and direct patients’ needs to the appropriate medical staff.   Students fluent in Spanish may also serve as interpreters between patients and the medical staff. Team mentor/TA: Jessica Neville


Social Issue: Juvenile Justice

Agency/Project Partners: The NC Division of Juvenile Justice/ Mike Rieder,  Deputy Secretary for Court Services,  Department of Juvenile Justice

Location: Raleigh Community

The Caldwell Fellows have been invited by Mike Rieder to work with him and the Wake County Juvenile Justice system to help envision and pilot a program that will give young people in the court system sentencing alternatives that are positive rather than punitive.  The students working on this team will create and pilot three interventions and envision a model  to involve the young people being served to participate in the creation and  reflection on the experience.  Students on this team will receive in-depth exposure to the juvenile justice system, including visiting courtroom sessions, interviewing judges and other key players in the court system. Team Mentor/TA: Daniel Buchenberger Assisted by: Krystal Smith


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