The Caldwell Wilderness Expedition

The Program

The Caldwell Fellows Program, an intensive leadership-development scholarship program, brings together young people who share a passion for learning, growing and serving others. The total experience each student has is individual, yet enhanced by collaboration with others. Built on relationships and connection, undergraduates, faculty, alumni and endowers form an interactive learning community, all dedicated to lifelong pursuit of excellence.

The Caldwell experience offers a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself, to reach beyond what you think you can do and to develop the skills and perspectives that will make a positive difference at the university and beyond. Ultimately, The Caldwell Program encourages members to grow in excellence in scholarship, leadership and service to carry Chancellor Caldwell’s name with pride.

Created by the NC State Alumni Association to honor the legacy of Chancellor John T. Caldwell, the Caldwell Fellows Program supports Caldwell’s passionate belief in the university’s role of helping young people grow.

Honoring his vision and legacy, The Caldwell Program encourages scholars to maximize their undergraduate experience by providing programming components, enrichment opportunities, significant alumni interaction and access to a range of university resources. Members are encouraged and supported as they seek experiences that challenge them to engage in personal growth, leadership development, stewardship and servant leadership.

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